Mt Hull - Lower SW Face

  • Mt Hull - Lower SW Face 1
  • Mt Hull - Lower SW Face

The SW face of Mt Hull, along the east side of the northern Okanogan Valley, is a huge open area with many distinct cliffs and potential for thousands of routes. Most of these cliffs are on public lands (BLM and Forest Service), yet all the access is via private lands (except for the public Whistler Canyon trailhead to the north). There are several possible access points - the shorter more direct ones are by permission of landowner, on an individual basis only. Currently the only recommended public access is from the north (from Whistler Canyon Trailhead, turn right off of trail #100 after about 1/2 mile and head through the South Canyon for about a mile), or from the County Gravel pit about a mile south of Whistler Canyon Trailhead. These cliffs are dry and open (extensively burned in the early part of the century), and range in elevation from 1300 to 2600'. There is abundant wildlife in the area, but watch out for rattle snakes from mid April to October!

Currently there are over 75 routes (mostly sport, some mixed, and a few trad), on fine quality gneiss, ranging from 5.2 to 5.11c, between 50' and 2 pitches long.